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It is a number conversion calculator that converts the values in fractions to percentages (%). It has two sections where you can calculate the simple fractions and mixed fractions. The simple fraction column has two text boxes, for the numerator and denominator. The mixed fraction has an additional text box where you will enter the whole number.

There are three active controls used by this calculator to perform different functions. The ‘Convert' button is used to initiate the conversions from fractions to percentages. If you want to carry out new calculations you will use the ‘Reset' button. It erases all previous data from the calculator with a single click.

The results of the conversion will be shown at the bottom panel of the calculator below the three controls. It gives you the percentage result as well as the method used in the calculation. You can also use the ‘Swap' button if you want to convert the percentages to fractions. It is used to alternate the flow of calculations making it flexible and reliable.

Example 1

Convert 2/9 to percentage


First, enter the values 2 and 9 in the numerator and denominator text boxes respectively. Click the ‘Convert' button to initiate the conversion. The results will be displayed as;

Percent result: 22.222222222%

Calculation: (2/9) × 100%

= 22.222222222%

= 0.22222222222

Example 2

Convert 2 6/7 into percentage


The first procedure is to click on the ‘mixed fraction' tab. It will display three text boxes where you can enter all values of the mixed fraction. Enter the value 2 in the first text box. 6 and 7 should be filled in the numerator and denominator text box respectively. Afterward, click the ‘Convert' button. The results will be displayed as;

Percent result: 285.71428571%

Calculation: (2 6/7) × 100%

= 285.71428571%

= 2.8571428571