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Cursed Text Generator

Have you ever heard of the mysterious cursed Text? You might have seen text l̷̳̇ï̶͓k̷̦͊ë̵͕ ̴̜̌ṫ̷͔h̴͍̄i̶̥̕s̶̩͌. it can appear strange to individuals who aren't aware of it, as if you've hacked the website. In truth, it's just a minor abuse of the Unicode rules, which enable "diacritics" to be "assembled" in an infinite number of ways because some languages demand it.

What is cursed text?

This is known as "satanic text," "demonic text," or "void text," and all of these terms refer to the same thing: text that has been "messed up" with diacritic marks to the point where it is barely visible.

Unicode also permits diacritics to stack to heights that cause text to overlap with text above and below. This adds to the "hacked" look by making it appear as if some websites are malfunctioning due to text overlapping in strange ways.

However, several large website owners have begun to "crack down" on this material because it makes their pages appear broken.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a method of displaying characters on a computer screen that is widely used. Unicode encoding is used in common languages like English, Chinese, and Russian, but it may also be used to produce other fascinating characters like vaporwave.

A computer must be able to render all available characters, including emojis, for diverse languages. The simplest method is for a computer to use Unicode, which includes over 150-character sets and emojis and spans about 140,000 individual characters.


In terms of illegitimate use, cursed text has been subjected to claims of usage against messenger apps in order to crash them. For instance, the iMessage app by Apple has been unable to handle cursed text appropriately.

But not only Apply but Gmail by Google have also had multiple crashed messages where cursed text was used. This is not very encouraging to users and decreases the overall popularity of the cursed text.

Cursed text generator:

The use of the Unicode system was the primary motivation for generating the cursed letters. The argument is that the Unicode system includes diacritical marks, which are utilized in some languages, as well as characters from many languages. Diacritics can be superimposed over letters to give the impression of a bizarre and cursed word.

This text is sometimes referred to as "satanic" or "empty." Because the word contains a significant number of diacritics and can be difficult to detect and understand, it may appear defective or glitchy to you. You can use the "Craziness level" option to make the text as bizarre and glitchy as possible, which will no doubt amaze your pals.

Where to use?

Create a cursed typeface for comments under horror stories on YouTube or other social media platforms using the cursed text converter. Use the cursed keyboard to scare your friends with a cursed chat. However, do not misuse this language, since many people will find it glitchy and will leave your website or YouTube comments immediately.

How to use it?

To create a cursed text, copy an ordinary text from any source and paste it into the left window of the generator. Then, in the right pane of the generator, copy the finished version and paste it into comments or a discussion with friends.


From the foregoing, it is clear that cursed Text or cursed is a unique occurrence. It has spread beyond the digital realm and now appears in a variety of popular culture art genres. Its effect on a wide range of art genres demonstrates its importance and elevates it above the status of a cursed digital typeface.

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