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On social media, we can generate fancy text fonts by using “Online Font Changer.” We can use this application on different websites to convert our normal texts to the desired one, i-e stylish symbols, letters, characters, or emojis. This font changer makes our lives easier by clicking once we can create fancy fonts for different purposes.

The History of Fonts

In 1984, Adobe gave way to a dramatic change in graphic arts industries by launching PostScript, Macintosh, LaserWriter, and PageMaker to the market. Adobe put forward two different types of fonts, categorized as Type 1 and Type 3. The Type 3 designs were more functional and had more collections as compared to Type 1. In 1992, Microsoft introduced TrueType in windows. Adobe released Adobe Type Manager (ATM), which plays a vital role in enhancing Type 1. Moving with these types of fonts, in 2021, Adobe has announced that They will no longer support type 1 fonts in January 2023, showing that the Type 1 font format is effectively dead now.

How to Generate Fancy Texts?

In this modern era, everybody will admire the usage of these different and stylish fonts. Its usage is as easy as you can try now by following super-simple steps. What you really have to do is simply enter your text in the given space below, and it’ll be changed into a great number of unique and stylish fonts that can be used on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more social media.

What is Unicode?

How do these font changers work? Well, these fonts were converted to stylish characters or symbols by distinctive Unicode characters. Which textual fonts should exist are being decided by Unicode (an international organization). This organization is adding yearly more textual symbols or characters to the websites.

This standard Unicode system contains more than hundreds of thousands of different characters. Most of the characters resemble the characters on your keyboard, e.g., this unique alphabet “R” resembles your keyboard alphabet “R,” which is standard to use everywhere

Generic Font Families

While choosing the font, choosing the right one matters a lot. Whether the chosen font is acceptable by any other media or a website is also a significant issue. Following are the most common generic families for the font selection.

  1. Serif fonts carry strokes at the edges of each alphabet, showing formality, discipline and elegance.
  2. Sans-serif fonts carry simple lines instead of strokes.
  3. Monospace fonts carry fixed width if each alphabet showing mechanical look.
  4. Cursive fonts are recognized as similar to human handwriting.
  5. Fantasy fonts are decorative/playful fonts.

Where can we use font changers?

Now in this era, people think more creatively, depicting their art skills. Their mindsets move towards the enhancements of impressive, attractive, and decorative ideas.

Unique textual fonts are used for Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | WhatsApp | LinkedIn Profile & Bio. Facebook profiles, posts, and comments are also styled by using these fonts. In this race, youngsters are more determined to use stylish, fancy, crazy fonts for their gaming profile names for PUBG, FreeFire, GTA, Games of Thrones, Fortnite, etc. it's looking amazing cute fonts for your Favourite Game.

Pro Tip for Using Text Fonts Changer!

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube are comfortably suited with various generated fonts. But not necessarily these special characters may be shown in the receiver’s SMS, nothing but simple blocks.

The reason behind this mishap is that the receiver’s device may not be able to translate that specifically generated Unicode on your device. One more strong possibility is that the receiver's device is limited to the access for using specially generated Unicode of that specific font and the excessive use is prohibited by the website itself.

Reasons for Changing your Fonts Right Now.

In the beginning, simplicity was more preferred. Different languages, typefaces, fonts, calligraphy, etc., were used for understanding. There was a purpose behind font changing.

Moreover, a few years later, we didn’t care about presentation, style, changing of fonts in messenger, SMS in smartphones. But in this modern era full of technologies, we definitely do not compromise on it.

  1. Gaining designer skills: It really develops one’s sense of style and aesthetic skills. It is already noticed that youngsters who use various and imaginative fonts on their iPhones and iPads, eventually grow interested in design, photography, painting, and other kinds of art.
  2. Creating the atmosphere: It makes no sense to chat with very special people, on very particular topics without accompanying that with correct arrangements. Everything counts, and the font too.
  3. Self-expression and social identity: Psychologists claim there is even more than that, in phone features like fonts. Each user can identify himself with a certain social group with its help. Graffiti font is a good example.
  4. The best tool for writers: Young designers aren’t the only creative people who use changing fonts for their inspiration. It comes as a surprise that writers often use the same feature to get motivated.

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