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Facing errors in the organization can result in a bunch of consequences which result from already happening errors within the firm. Organizations working to be successful in currency conversion measures, mathematical calculation services, power unit calculation and conversion, interest rate calculations need to work with calculation and conversion organization.

In this case, we, our Conversion and Calculation Firm are here to solve your problem. We offer the best gadgets for calculation and conversion services for your business as per your requirements. Our services are online based and we are devoted to offering you the best results in calculation and conversion. Below are the kinds of calculators we have in our firm.

Electrical Calculators

Online electrical calculators for calculations of electricity and electronics.

Do you have trouble in the calculation of electrical and electronic units for your residential or business premises? We at Conversion and Calculation Firm offer you online gadgets for calculation of electronic and electricity.

Our machines deliver the best results and are error free since we have set them to produce the best results. Some of the calculators available include the following;

Conversion Machines: KVA to amps, joules to watts, joules to volts, Amps to KW, Amps to KVA, eV to Volts, mAh to Wh, VA to KVA, watts to kWh among many other electrical conversion units. We offer all types of conversion machines you need for your business.

Financial Calculators

Free online financial calculators to calculate GST, VAT, Interest rate, and much more.

Are you seeking a platform where you can get best services in the calculation of GST and interest rate?

We at our Conversion and Calculation Firm we offer you best free online financial calculation services whereby we calculate compound interests, effective interest rate, percentage increase, VAT and other services in our platform. Contact us today and get the best professional services for your organization.

Grade Calculators

Free online grade calculators to calculate GPA, Final grade, and much more.

Are you facing challenges trying to carry on manual calculation in your terminal or final grade? Worry no more since Conversion and Calculation Firm is here for you. We offer free Aggregate grade calculation on our website whereby results are given out within a short span of time.

Fill all the requirements for your subject grade and get your results posted in seconds by our online calculators. The services include college grade, final grade, GPA to letter grade conversion, and high school GPA among other services as you request from the site.

Lighting Calculators

Free online lighting calculators to Candela, Footcandles, Lumens, and much more.

If you have trouble in calculating candela, foot-candles, and other lighting calculation? You are at the best site then.

Conversion and Calculation Firm offer you the best free services in calculation and conversion of lighting units. Some of the services are; candela to lumen conversion, foot-candles to lux, lumens to watts, lux to lumen among others. Enjoy the free service by contacting us today.

Math Calculators

Free online math calculators to solves mathematical calculations, and much more.

We offer free online calculators for solving different mathematical problems in a scientific manner.

As Conversion and Calculation Firm, we are dedicated to offering you best timely services in the calculation of mathematical issues like LCM, GCF, Log, online math, simplification, statistics and other complex mathematical issues you have. Contact us and enjoy the best services.

Wire Gauge Calculators

Free online gauge calculators to calculate wire, and much more.


Energy Conversion

Energy conversion calculator – convert energy units.

At Conversion and Calculation Firm, we offer energy unit conversion calculator services. Services in energy conversion include joules to KJ, KJ to BTU, calories to KJ, ev to GeV, and Mev to ev among many others you will get on our site.

Length Conversion

Free online length conversion calculators to calculate Centimeters, Inches, Meters, and much more.

We offer free length conversion services in our platform free of charge. We carry out conversion services from cm-mm, feet-cm, inches-feet, km-miles, cm-inches and other related activities as you will request.

Our professionals have organized the conversion calculators to respond to your problem with the best answers you cannot find anywhere else.

Cooking Conversion

Free online cooking conversion calculators to calculate cup, tablespoon, teaspoon, ounce, quart, and much more.

Conversion and Calculation Firm will offer you the best results in your kitchen whenever you want them. If you have issues in the conversion of an ounce to tablespoon, cup to teaspoon, quart to tablespoon, tablespoon to milliliter, teaspoon to tablespoon and another cooking conversion you need to consider our website for faster and reliable cooking conversion results.

Frequency Conversion

Frequency Conversion of hertz (Hz), kilohertz (kHz), megahertz (MHz), gigahertz (GHz) and terahertz (THz).

If you have issues in dealing with speed or frequency conversion you are at home. Our Conversion and Calculation firm website offer you best calculation in frequency conversions for hertz, Kilohertz, terahertz and other frequency related service. We offer the best calculators to calculate for you frequency conversion issues online.

Image Conversion

Free online image conversion converts to BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG.

Get the best results for converting images into BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG from our services website today. Our Conversion and Calculation Firm will offer the best inter-type image conversion services for you in second.

Area Conversion

Free online area conversion calculators to calculate square, rectangle, triangle, and much more.

We at Our Conversion and Calculation Firm will deliver best results in converting area units from one unit to another like hectare to Acres.