QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator

A QR code is a twin-dimensional barcode that wares information in data pixels "black and white dots" also referred to as QR code modules. You can also create a colored QR code besides the normal black and white normal. It is important to make sure that the code is sufficient and that you don't have a negative result (in terms of color) for these codes to work efficiently. You can also be creative enough to generate a QR code that is used as a logo in designing various items.

Creating a QR code

To create a QR code, enter your text, SMS, URL or vCard contact information in the blank text field. As you enter the data, this tool will generate the QR code automatically. If you want to get the generated QR code image, click on the ‘Download' button. The image will be available as SVG or EPS vector graphic, as well as JPEG or GIF raster graphics format. The QR code can also be embedded directly on your website. Other applications include placing them on business cards, leaflets, posters and other products without incurring any costs.

QR codes often establish a link between the real world products that have been flagged with the QR code and the internet. It also makes it easier to transfer a web link to a smartphone. However, you can also work with other data and texts such as telephone numbers, advertising messages and the entire business cards in the vCard format.

How to change your QR code after printing

The QR-server is a management platform that allows you to use the dynamic QR codes. Its primary function is to change the cached QR code destination address (URL) at any time and as often as possible. It works appropriately even if you had already printed your marketing material. For example, you can correct errors if a wrong web address was used during the process or use it to adjust your advertising campaigns. However, you should bear in mind that it is impossible to transform static QR codes into dynamic QR codes due to the technical limitations. That is the reason why the QR management solution is very is essential for significant projects and campaigns.

The QR Code with logo/Image

The QR code standard uses a sophisticated error correction technique that makes it possible to style some parts of the QR codes. For example, it can alter both the foreground and background color of a single code. The middle part of the QR image can also be embedded with a logo.

The AR code with design/style

The Designs are highly modified and provide a more artsy appearance that just an image logo stationed at the center of a QR code. There are a variety of functions that can be used to enhance your creativity to come up with unique professional QR codes. The QR codes with design have an increased attractiveness that invites your users to carry out frequent scans as compared to a simple logo.