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Small Text Generator

Small Text Generator

What would be your reaction if you are reading a Facebook post and suddenly your eye catches a glimpse of a tiny text that is present in the next post? You will feel curious and will go swiftly toward the post to know and read what all of this is about. Look what was done here. A customer got attracted and started following your posts. So this was the accomplishment of that small text that grabbed the attention of people. Looks interesting, right. So, let’s find out what actually is a small text!

Small Text:

Small text that is also known and called tiny text uses a collection of Unicode characters and then appears out to be a small font. Unicode characters are actually a universal character coding standard as it allocates a code to every alphabet or symbol present in any language. So this is how a small text works as it can change your text into small text and gave it a whole new look. As an example, you can see how it works.

Like if this “Hey! How are you doing?” is your normal sentence then:

So from the above example you can see how we wrote a simple sentence but it transformed into small text and gave it a beautiful new look.

Different names for small text:

You might be wondering what else you can call your small text. To answer your question, yes, it does have different names given and designated by people. Small text is also known as “Uhh text” and “cool text”, etc.

Also, the application that will generate your text into small text also has different names. It is sometimes known as a “small text converter” or “small text generator”.

How small text generator works:

Small text generator is an online tiny text generator that converts your normal text letters into small tiny ones. They can be used to brand your image. Most of the time, people use it on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to make their statuses update and posts look and feel interesting. The text looks so small because it uses Unicode characters as mentioned above, as they are special codes and symbols that can use your text into a tiny text in any language.

When you put your text into a small text generator, you get three different texts generated as these are three different Unicode alphabets, i.e. Small caps, Superscript, Subscript.

So the first alphabet, small caps, is considered the most complete text and is mostly used in social media apps. All the alphabets are the same, but they use some small caps to make the text look interesting. All the characters of the alphabet remain the same only the alphabet F gets converted into "ғ".

Then the second alphabet that is used is a set of superscript alphabets. Most of the time their usage is in mathematics. Unicode has made superscript alphabets for usage in symbols of maths. However, there is an issue with two alphabets as there is no designated superscript alphabets for "q" and "I". But still it is one of the best and smallest letter alphabet available in Unicode superscript. This can also outshine your posts in social media as it will make your text interesting to look at.

The third alphabet is a subscript alphabet and as you can see in the example above, it is also different from others. Although the subscript alphabet does lack some letters as they might not show when you add them in text, it is still used by people for usage in their Instagram posts, messages, and e-mails.

How to convert your text into small text:

If you want to make your profile stand out from the crowd, as there are millions of posts available now a days. But to make your post different you can take help of small text generator and it will make your post the highlight of the day.

There are just a few easy steps that you need to follow in order to convert your text into small text. Small text generator tool is the tool we use to make the text small. The steps to convert it are as follows:

  • First of all, add your text in the input section.
  • Press enter and in the output section you will get your small text in 3 different forms.
  • Lastly, you can use and copy that text to whatever use you want it of to be either in your e-mails, messages and social media applications.

So you can see this was as easy as a pie. And you also get multiple options to get your text in small caps, subscript and superscript. So why not use it and engage your followers to appreciate the trend that you have set.

Small Text Usage:

Small text as mentioned earlier can be used anywhere where you want to use it. Either you want to send a different type of text message to your friend. You can use it in your Blog posts, in twitter tweets, Instagram feed and Facebook posts, WhatsApp statuses etc. Lastly, if you are writing an assignment and want to impress your professor then you can use small text to impress them.

So, from the above discussion we learnt about small text and small text generators and how three types of unicode alphabets are used to generate small text. The main purpose is to make the content look more appealing and cool and now that you have read this you should also use a small text generator in order to give your simple looking text a cool and appealing look. So go and check it out to find ways to make your text look good. Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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