How many cups in a cubic foot?

1 Cubic Foot


119.688312 US Cups

Cubic Feet to Cups (How many cups in a cubic foot?)

This is a conversion calculator that is used to convert the volume in cubic feet (ft3) to the volume in cups (c). First, use the blank text field to enter the volume in cubic feet. The conversion from cubic feet to cups is initiated by the ‘Convert' button. The results of the conversion are displayed below the ‘Convert' button in cups. This calculator uses a simple formula for executing the calculations. It also gives quick and accurate results depending on the input values.


Convert 0.08 cubic feet to cups


The first procedure when using this calculator is to enter the value in cubic feet (0.08) in the blank text field. Press the ‘Convert' button and the results will be shown as;

0.08 Cubic Foot = 9.57506496 US Cups

This means that 0.08 cubic feet are equivalent to 9.57506496 US Cups 

Cubic Feet to Cups Conversion

Enter a value that you want to convert into US cups and click on the "convert" button.

How many cups in a cubic foot?

The volume units' conversion factor of cubic feet to cup varies depending on the standard used in the conversion.

1 Cubic Foot = 119.688312 Cups (US)

1 Cubic Foot = 113.267386 Cups (Metric)

1 (US) Cup = 0.00835503472 Cubic Feet

1 (Metric) Cup = 0.0088286667 Cubic Feet

If you want to determine the number of cups in a cubic foot, you multiply the value in the cubic foot by the conversion factor.

For example; how many cups are in 0.248 cubic feet? Assuming you were converting the value in cubic foot to cups (US);

= 0.248 x 119.688312

= 29.68270137599999714 US Cups


A cubic foot is both a US customary and an imperial volume unit abbreviated as "ft3". One cubic foot is equivalent to 113.2 metric cups and 119.6 US cups.

A cup is a unit of volume measurement abbreviated as "c". One cup is equivalent to 16 tablespoons, 8 fluid ounces, 236.5 milliliters and 48 teaspoons.