How many cups in a pint?

1 Pint


2 Cups

Pints to Cups (How many cups in a pint?)

This conversion calculator is used to convert the volume in pints (p) to volume in cups (c). It has a text field and a control button that performs an independent function of the calculator. The initial step when using this converter is to enter the value in pints in the text field. Press the ‘Convert' button to execute the conversion from pints to cups. This gives you the conversion result in cups, displayed below the control button.


Convert 0.5 pints to cups


First, enter the value in pints (0.5) in the blank text field. Click on the ‘Convert' button to execute the conversion. The result in cups is displayed as;

0.5 Pint = 1 cup

This implies that there is one cup in 0.5 pints.

When performing a new conversion from pints to cups, use the same procedure to give the corresponding values in cups.

Pints to Cups Conversion

Enter a US fluid pint value that you want to convert into cups and click on the "convert" button.

How many cups in a pint?

The Volume units' conversion factor of pints to cups is 2.

1 Pint (Fluid, US) = 2 Cups (US)

1 Pint (Dry, US) = 2.327294388 Cups (US)

1 Pint (UK, Canada) = 2.273045 Cups (Metric)

Therefore, there are 2 US cups in one fluid pint and 2.273045 metric cups in one imperial pint.

 If you want to determine the number of cups in a pint, simply multiply the value in pints by the conversion factor.

In both the imperial and US customary systems, a cup is equal to a half of a pint. Since the metric cups replaced the imperial cups, the 1 cup in the UK standard is less than a half of a pint (0.439938).


A Pint is a Volume unit in the US customary and imperial systems abbreviated as "pt". There are two types of a pint in the US customary system and only one in the imperial system.

A cup is a unit of volume abbreviated as "c". It is used to measure dry, liquid and bulk foods.