How many Oz in a liter?

1 Liter


33.814022 Oz

Liters to Oz (How many Oz in a liter?)


The liters to ounces converter is used to convert the volume in liters (L) to volume in fluid ounces (fl. Oz). When using the converter, first enter the value in liters in the blank text field. Press the ‘Convert’ button to execute the conversion from liters to fluid ounces. The conversion result is displayed below the control buttons in fluid ounces. Use the ‘Reset’ button when you want to perform a new conversion. It erases all data of the previous calculations with a single click.


Convert 1.5 liters to fluid ounces.


The first procedure is to enter the value in liters (1.5) in the blank text field. Press the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the conversion. The result is displayed as;

1.5 Liters = 50.7210339 Fluid Ounces

This means that there are 50.7210339 Fluid Ounces in 1.5 liters.

The same procedure is used when converting new values in liters to get the corresponding results in fluid ounces. 

How many fluid ounces in a liter?

The volume units’ conversion factor of liters to fluid ounces is 33.814022.

1 Liter = 33.814022 Ounces [Fluid, US] 1 Liter = 35.195079 Ounces [UK]

Therefore, there are 33.814022 US fluid ounces in one liter and 35.195079 imperial ounces in one liter.

One liter is equal to one kilogram of water and there are 33.814 fluid ounces in that volume of water. Since one fluid ounce is equal to 1.04084 imperial fluid ounce, 33.814 x 1.04084 = 35.195079 imperial fluid ounces in one liter. 


A liter is a volume unit in the metric system abbreviated as “L”. One liter is equal to 1000 cubic centimeters and is defined as the volume of one kilogram of water.

A fluid ounce is a volume unit in the US customary and imperial systems abbreviated as “fl. Oz”.