RGB to CMYK Conversion

RGB to CMYK Color Conversion

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RGB to CMYK Conversion

It is a color code conversion calculator that is used to convert red, green and blue colors (RGB) to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Key colors (CMYK). It has three blank text fields for the red, green and blue color codes respectively. The two active controls execute different functions in the converter. It only allows values ranging from 0 to 255. To use the calculator, enter the codes of the red, green and blue colors in their blank text field and then click the ‘Convert' button. The conversion result will be displayed below the two controls. It also highlights the color preview of the converted RGB values.

For example,

Convert 25 red, 47 green and 125 blue color codes into CMYK


First, enter the RGB values (25, 47, and 125) in their blank text fields respectively. Initiate the conversion by clicking the ‘Convert' button. The results will be displayed as;

Cyan Color (C) – 0.8

Magenta color (M) - 0.624

Yellow color (Y) – 0

Black key color (K) – 0.51

The color preview of the cyan, magenta, yellow and black key combination is highlighted at the bottom panel of the calculator. The RGB to CMYK is used to determine the common color codes of RGB to CMYK conversions.

Formula for converting RGB to CMYK

The red, green and blue values are divided by 255 to alter the range from 0 to 255 into 0 to 1.

R' = R/255 G' = G/255 B' = B/255

The red (R) and black (K) colors determines the cyan color (C)

C = (1 - R' - K) / (1 - K)

The green (G) and black (K) colors determine the magenta color (M)

M = (1 - G' - K) / (1 - K)

The blue (B) and black (K) colors determine the yellow color (Y)

Y = (1 - B' - K) / (1 - K)