What is My IP Address?

Your IP Address

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What is My IP Address?

Internet Protocol address (IP) is a unique number used by electronic devices to identify and communicate with each other through the Internet network. It is considered to work in a similar way to a mailing address. After determining the IP address of the sender and receiver, the information and data pass through from one device to another. Your IP address is viewable to the general public which allows other users to see your locations. They are also able to determine where your device is located and any other information that is transmitted through the address.

Your IP address is vitally important although it is something you rarely think about while browsing the internet. You wouldn't be in a position to check the latest news, get today's weather or watch online videos without the IP. Various websites would not be capable of sending the information you entered in the search query.

What you need to know about your IP address

There is a lot of concern, confusion and misinformation about IP addresses. Our primary aim is to give you helpful information by separating facts from the hype. The initials ‘IP' stands for ‘Internet Protocol' while the ‘address' part refers to the unique number that establishes a connection to any online activity on your computer. It is more like a return address on a letter that you would send out. The only difference is that this process happens within milliseconds. You are connected to your computer indirectly through the IP address.

First, you connect to a network that is connected directly to the internet itself which grants you access to the internet. This network may be a company network at work, internet service provider at home, a coffee shop or a wireless network at a hotel. Your computer is assigned an IP address by your internet service provider when you are at home. Their primary role is to assign an IP address to your computer since they are the one who gives you access to the internet.

The internet protocol is responsible for addressing, delivering and precisely routing your online queries. An ‘electronic return address' is attached to all your search requests and online activity. The IP address for your connection is the address it uses.

Why you should have a PIA

There are several dangers of not using the private internet access (PIA). Malicious hackers and scammers have raised a huge cause of concern following the current string of security breaches on reputable corporations. The fact that your IP address can be seen by the public means your access to the internet is vulnerable to security breaches.

Your internet service provider is highly capable of gaining access to your system, monitor and analyze your data. This information can be used by marketers to target your computer aggressively. That is the reason why the PIA comes in handy when you are using the public WI-Fi.  This is because the data is being passed from your computer to the intended destination.