How many cm in a meter

The conversion factor of the metric length units’ meter (m) to centimeters (cm) is 100.

1 meters (m)


100 centimeters (cm)

The conversion factor of the metric length units’ meter (m) to centimeters (cm) is 100.If you want to find how many centimeters are in meters, you will simply multiply the value by 100. The conversions can also be checked out in the conversion table or the meter to centimeters conversion calculator. Therefore, it means that one meter is equivalent to a hundred centimeters and is shown as;

Meters to centimeters Converter

1 m = 100 cm

1 meters (m) = 100 centimeters (cm) 

1 meters (m) = 100 centimeters (cm)

A meter is a base length unit of the metric system abbreviated as “m”. It is referred to as “metre” in British English which still has the same meaning. It is described as the path length travelled by light in a vacuum within a time interval of (1 / 299,792,458) of a second.

A centimeter is abbreviated as “cm” and is mostly used metric length unit in daily practices. The meters to centimeters conversion table shows the smallest value of centimeters conversion to meters. If you do not find the required values in the conversion table, you can always check out the conversion calculator.

The conversion calculator shows the method used in converting the value from meters to centimeters. It can only carry out one conversion at a time and uses three active controls that perform different functions of the calculator. The “Convert” button is used to execute the calculation by converting meters to centimeters. The “Reset” button is used to erase the data of the previous calculations from the text field and other sections of the calculator. It is the fastest way of readjusting the calculator when you have new values in meters.

The “Swap” button is used in alternating the flow of calculations, allowing you to change the values from centimeters to meters. The results in centimeters and method used in performing the calculations will be displayed in the bottom panel of the calculator.