Joules to Volts Calculator

Joules to Volts Calculator

Enter energy in joules: J
Enter charge in coulombs: C
Voltage result in volts: V

It is a conversion calculator which converts the energy in joules to the electrical voltage in volts. It is important for you to know that joules and volts are different quantities and thus cannot be converted directly. It means that it is only possible to determine the volts from coulombs and joules.

This calculator also contains two text fields, where the first one indicates the energy in joules (J). The next cell requires you to enter the charge in coulombs before clicking on the ‘Calculate' button. The bottom part of the calculator indicates the voltage results in volts (V) according to the units entered in the appropriate text fields.

For example,
If you enter the energy in joules as 30 (J) and the charge in coulombs as 12 (C) then the voltage results in volts will be 2.5 V. In situations where you would like to repeat the conversions, you can always utilize the reset button which erases everything with a single click. Upon tapping the Calculate button, the results are indicated automatically in less than a second.

Always ensure that all text fields are filled completely to provide accurate results. Entering the energy in joules without the charge in coulombs will not deliver the expected results the fact that it cannot be converted directly.

There are other formulas used by this converter in executing the calculations;

Estimate of Joules to volts
V (V) = E (J) / Q (C), which means that the voltage in volts is calculated by dividing the energy in joules by the charge in coulombs. It can also be expressed as Volt = joule / coulomb or V = J / C

For example,
If the energy consumption of an electrical circuit is 90 joules with a flow charge of 7 coulombs, what will be the voltage supply?

V = 90 J / 7 C = 15 volts (V)

The calculator has been made with simple features but performs effectively in performing the conversions. Since the results depend on the units you entered in the various cells; you should ensure that you have filled the text fields completely.

The reset button is useful especially when you have other units that you would want to be converted. The calculate button is also programmed to initiate and complete the conversion within a short period. This calculator provides accurate calculations and works excellently in converting joules to watts.

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