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MW to watts Conversion

It is a conversion calculator that is used to convert the power in megawatts (MW) to power in Watts (W). The first procedure when using this converter is to enter the value of megawatts in the blank text field.

Click the ‘Control' button to initiate the conversion from megawatts to watts. The results will be displayed below the two controls at the bottom platform of the calculator. The ‘Reset' button is used to erase all data of previous calculations from the converter.

It enhances the efficiency of the calculator since it can only perform one conversion at a time. It also reduces the time needed to carry out new conversions.


Convert 0.005 megawatts to watts


First, enter the value in megawatts (0.005) in the blank text field. Initiate the conversion by clicking the ‘Convert' button. The result in watts will be displayed as; 5000 Watts (W).

Click the ‘Reset' button if you have a new value in megawatts, and enter the figures in the blank text field. Use the same procedure to obtain the corresponding results in watts.

Formula used in converting megawatts to watts

1 MW = 1000000 W

One megawatt is equivalent to one million watts

1 W = 0.000001 MW

One Watt is equivalent to 0.000001 megawatts

Therefore, the power conversion formula of megawatts to watts is given by;

P (W) = 1000000 x P (MW)

This implies that the power in watts is determined by multiplying the power in megawatts by one million.

Using the example above,

Convert 0.005 refrigeration tons to BTU per hour

The calculation will be;

P (W) = 1000000 x 0.005 MW

= 5000 Watts (W)

Note that this calculator can only execute conversions from megawatts to watts. If the values are in watts, we recommend using the watts to megawatts converter.