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Percentage Calculator

It is a conversion calculator used to determine the percentages of values. The Percentage calculator has been programmed to have a simple interface that helps you perform multiple conversions at once. It gives you a step by step layout of the calculation. It is divided into sections where different equations or can be executed. It has a variety of text fields where you fill in the values in a sequential order before you command the calculator to perform the calculation. You will compute the figures according to the calculation alignment.

The lower two sections of the calculator are used to carry out different types of percentage calculations. You can determine the percentage change from one value to another. All you need to do is to enter the values respectively in their appropriate text fields before you click the ‘Calculate’ button. The lowest section of the calculator allows you to find the fraction and decimal of a percentage. You will first fill in the percentage value then click the equal sign button to give you the answer in fraction. Click the next equal sign adjacent to the fraction column to give you the decimal result. If you want to clear the text fields of the previous calculations you will use the ‘X’ button.

Example 1;
What is 25% of $79?

You will multiply 25% by $79

=25% x $79 = (25/100) x $79 = 0.25 x $79 = 19.75

Answer = 19.75

Example 2;
40% is what percent of $ 92?

You will divide 40% by $92 = (40%/$92) x 100% = 43.47826%

Calculating the whole value

$200 is 60% of what?

You will divide $200 by 60%

= $200 / 60% = (200/60) x 100 = 333.333

Calculating the percentage change

Find the percentage change from $40 to $65

You will first find the difference between 65 and 40 then divide it by 40. The result will then be multiplied by 100% [(65 - 40) / 40] x 100% = 62.5%

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