Scientific Notation Calculator

Scientific Notation Calculator

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Scientific notation: ×10
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Scientific Notation Calculator

It is used to determine the scientific notation of two values. The scientific notations of the numbers are expressed as;

X 1 = a1 x 10 b1

X 2 = a2 x 10 b2

The first step of using the Scientific Notation calculator is by entering the coefficient of the first number ‘a’ in the second text field. You will then enter the raised value denoted by ‘b’.

The next step is to determine the operation. It can either be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Once done, you will enter the values of the second number. Fill in the coefficient of the second number and the raised value respectively in their required text fields. You will then click the ‘Calculate’ button to initiate the calculation.

You will receive your results in the scientific notation, E notation and the Decimal notation. This calculator is effective as it gives accurate results depending on the values entered in the text fields. If you want to perform new calculations, you will clear all the text fields using the ‘Reset’ button.

For example
Find the scientific notation of 45 x 104 and 56 x 105

Enter values of the first number as 45 multiplied by 10 with a subscript of 4. You will select the operation to be multiplication. Proceed to the second number and enter the values as; 56 multiplied by 10 with subscript of 5. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to execute the calculation.

The results will be displayed as;

Scientific notation = 6.05 x 106

E notation = 6.05e + 6

Decimal notation = 6050000

Formula used in calculating the scientific notations


x1 + x2 = a1 × 10b1 + a2 × 10b2


x1 - x2 = a1 ×10b1 - a2 × 10b2


x1 × x2 = a1a2 × 10b1+b2


x1 \ x2 = (a1\a2) ×10b1-b2

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