Rad/s to Hz Conversion

Radian/sec to hertz conversion

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Rad/s to Hz Conversion

It is a conversion calculator that converts the angular frequency in Radians per second (Rad/s) to the frequency in Hertz (Hz). It has a blank text field and two controls that perform independent functions of the calculator. If you want to perform a calculation, use the blank text field to enter the value in radians per second. Clicking the ‘Convert' button will execute the conversion to give you the frequency in Hertz. This converter can only perform one calculation at a time and you will have to use the ‘Reset' button every time you have new values in Radians per second.


Convert 500 Radian per second to frequency in hertz


To use the calculator, you will enter the frequency 500 in the blank text field. Initiate the conversion by clicking the ‘Convert' button. The result in Hertz will be; 79.577471637 Hz.


500 Hz x 2π (6.2831853)

= 79.577471637 Hertz (Hz)

Using new values in Radians per second, you can convert them to Hertz by following the same procedure.

Formula used in converting Radians per second to Hertz

To convert Rad/s to Hz, the calculator uses a straightforward approach in determining the results. The standard used in the conversion is 1 Hz = 2π Rad/s (6.2831853)

This means that one hertz is equivalent to one thousand megahertz6.2831853 Radian per second. It can also be expressed as'

1 rad/s = 1/2π Hz, where one Radian per second is equal to a half pie Hertz.

Using the example above, the calculation can be expressed as;

If 1 Hz = 2π Rad/s

? Hz = 500 MHz

= 500 / 6.2831853

= 79.577471637 Hertz (Hz)

The formula used by the converter to execute the calculations is ʄ (Hz) = ω (rad/s) ÷ 2π. It implies that the frequency in hertz is calculated by dividing the angular frequency in radians per second by 2π. This converter gives accurate values depending on the value entered in the blank text field.