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SWG to mm calculator

It is a conversion calculator used to convert the values in Standard wire gauge (SWG) to millimeters (mm) and square millimeters (mm2). It is simple to use as it only has a single text field where you will select the gauge number. Click the down arrow on the right side of the ‘select SWG’ to give you the options. Once you have chosen the appropriate value, click the ‘Calculate’ button to execute the conversion.

This calculator also has the ‘Reset’ button which performs a different function. It is used to erase all data of the previous calculations. It is the fastest way of clearing the text fields whenever you want to perform new conversions. The results will be displayed below the two controls. You can determine the Diameter in millimeters, Diameter in inches and the Cross sectional area in square millimeters.

Formula of calculating the wire cross sectional area An (mm2) = (∏/4) x dn2, which means that the n gauge wire’s cross sectional area in square millimeters is computed by multiplying the square wire diameter in millimeters by pi divided by 4.

For example,
If the Standard wire gauge is 47 (SWG), what are the Diameter in millimeters, square millimeters and inches?

The first procedure will be to select the gauge number 47 in the first text field. Click the Calculate button to execute a quick conversion. Your results will be displayed as;

Diameter in millimeters = 0.051 (mm)

Diameter in Inches = 0.002 (inches)

Cross sectional area in square millimeters = 0.0020 (mm2)

If you wish to carry out new conversions from SWG to mm, use the ‘Reset’ button to clear the text fields at once. You can then select the gauge number and perform the same procedure to acquire your results in millimeters, inches and square millimeters. It is also important to know that this calculator only deals with conversions from SWG to mm and not the reverse. You can always coordinate the two controls to perform several calculations within a short period.

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