Wire Gauge Calculator

Wire Gauge Calculator

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Resistance per 1000 meters*: Ω/km

Wire Gauge Calculator

The wire gauge calculator is used to execute multiple conversions at once. It is simple to use and has the ‘Calculate’ and ‘Reset’ controls which are essential in performing different functions of the calculator. The first procedure is to select the gauge number in the first text field of the calculator. If the value is above 40 then you will enter the gauge number in the blank cell below. Choose the type of wire that you would want to find its computations. The resistivity is calculated automatically depending on the type of wire selected. Confirm that the figures have been entered correctly before clicking the ‘Calculate’ button.

All the results of the conversion will be displayed below the two controls. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase the data of the previous calculations within a single click. The Wire Gauge Calculator will help you determine the diameter in inches and millimeters. It will also be presented as Cross sectional area in Kilo circular mils, square inches, and square millimeters. You will also get the results in resistance per 1000 feet* and 1000 meters*. The results of the conversion may vary depending on the number of strands in wire and different resistivity of material. Unlike other conversion calculators, the Wire Gauge calculator is capable of executing multiple conversions at once.

For example;

If the gauge number of an Aluminium is 13 (AWG), find the diameter in inches, millimeters.


You will first enter the gauge number as 13 (AWG) and Aluminium as your wire type. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to execute the conversions.
Your results will be displayed as;

Diameter in inches = 0.0720 (in)

Diameter in millimeters = 1.8278 (mm)

Cross sectional area in kilo circular mils = 5.1785 (kcmil)

Cross sectional area in square inches = 0.0041 (in2)

Cross sectional area in square millimeters = 2.6240 (mm2)

Resistance per 1000 feet* = 3.2757 (Ω/kft)

Resistance per 1000 meters* = 10.7470 (Ω/km)

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