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Watts to Joules Conversion Calculator

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Watts to Joules Calculator

It is used to convert the real power in watts to the energy in joules. For the conversion to be successful, you need to specify the time in seconds since the Watts cannot be converted directly to joules.

The watts to joules calculator has two text fields which require you to enter the power in watts and time in seconds before clicking the ‘Calculate' button. It executes the conversion with a single snap, and you get your energy result in joules on the bottom platform of the calculator.

The ‘Reset' button is used to clear all text fields of previous calculations to create room for new conversions. It is effective especially when you have several units in watts that need to be converted to the energy in joules. The results are usually displayed below the two controls in less than a second after initiating the calculation.

Formula for calculating watts to joules

E (J) = P (W) x t (S), which means that the energy in joules is computed by multiplying the real power in watts by the time in seconds.

It can also be expressed as;

Joules = Watts x Seconds or J = W x t

For example;
If the real power in watts is 4000 watts (W) and the time is 90 seconds, what is the energy result in joules?

E (J) = P (W) x t (S)

= 4000 W x 90 s = 360000 JOULES (J)

The watts to joules calculator can only execute one calculation at once which means that you have to clear the data of the previous calculations before calculating new values. The ‘Reset' button has been useful in clearing the text fields to allow for other conversions. It gives accurate results and offers speed which makes it effective for converting different values from watts to energy in joules.

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