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Watts to Kva Calculators

It is used to convert the real power in watts to the apparent power in kilovolt-amps. These two units are of different quantities and thus cannot be translated directly.

This calculator has two text fields where you enter the real power in watts and the power factor respectively. Click on the ‘Calculate' button to initiate the conversion.

The result in kilovolts is displayed below the two controls at the bottom of the calculator. Pressing the ‘Calculate' button will convert the real power in watts and the power factor to the results in kilovolts amps.

Formula for calculating the Watts to Kilovolt amps

S (kVA) = P (W) / (1000 x PF), where the apparent power in kilovolt-amps is computed by dividing the real power in watts by the multiplication of 1000 by the power factor.

It can also be expressed as;

Kilovolt-amps = Watts / (1000 x PF) or kVA = kW / (1000 x PF)

For example;
If the real power is 2500 watts (W) with the power factor is 0.5, what is the apparent power in Kilovolt amps?

S (kVA) = P (W) / (1000 x PF)

= 2500 W / (1000 x 0.5) = 5 Kilovolt amps (kVA)

The Watts to Kilovolt amps calculator can only execute a single conversion at once. Therefore, it requires that you use the ‘Reset' button which erases the previous calculations with a single click. Afterward, you can always repeat the procedure with several other units in watts and the power factor. It is more convenient compared to the paperwork and you get the results in less than a second.

It has been programmed to deliver great accuracy according to the input data. It is important to know that this calculator gives the results depending on the values you entered in the respective text fields.

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