Adding Fractions Calculator

Adding Fractions Calculator


Adding fractions calculator

It is a maths calculator that is used to find the summation of fractions. It has two text fields and two controls that perform independent functions of the calculator. The ‘Calculate’ button is used to execute the calculation based on the values entered in the text fields. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the text fields. The initial step is to enter the two fractions in their respective text fields. You will use the slash symbol (/) to designate the fractions. Afterwards, you can either click the equal sign (=) or the ‘Calculate’ button to perform the calculation. Your summation result will be displayed in the bottom platform of the calculator below the two controls.

For example;

Calculate 2/4 + 5/6

Firstly, you will enter the fractions in the initial and second text fields respectively. Click the equal sign or ‘Calculate’ button to perform the calculation.

The result will be; 4/3 = 1 1/3 = 1.3333333333

You can also add the fractions that have whole numbers. You will first enter the whole number and distinguish the other part of the fraction using the space button. E.g. (4 1/2). The calculator accepts spaces or the slash when typing in the fractions.

For example;

Calculate 4 ½ + 2 ¾

You will enter the values in their respective text fields separating the whole number with the fraction using the space button. Click on the equal sign or the ‘Calculate’ button to initiate the conversion.

The result will be; 29/4 = 7 1/4 = 7.25

This calculator can perform several conversions in lesser time. However, you can only find the summation of two fractions. If you want to add new values, you can always use the ‘Reset’ button. It erases all the previous calculations within a single click.

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