Base Converter

Enter number, source and target bases:  
Result number:  

The Base Converter is a simple tool that is used to convert the same value between its representations using various number systems. This calculator gives accurate results within a short period making it efficient for executing different conversions.

It has a single text field with three control buttons that perform different functions of the calculator. The first procedure is to enter the number, source and target bases in the open text box. You can also choose any value that represents the Binary, Decimal, Hex or Octal. The Binary is represented by 2 (bin), Octal-8, Decimal-10 (Dec), and Hex-16 (Hex).

Afterward, you can click the ‘Convert' button to initiate the conversion. Your result number will be displayed below the controls in the bottom platform of the calculator. The other two buttons perform independent functions of the calculator.

The ‘Reset' button is used to clear all data from the previous calculations from the text field. The ‘Swap' is used to alternate the flow of calculations if you want to perform the reverse calculations. For example, if you want to convert the octal number to the decimal, you need to select the 8 (Oct) as your first option next to the blank text field and 10 (dec) as your alternative option in finding the resulting number.

The flow of calculations can be alternated using the ‘Swap' button. Maintaining the orientation of 8 (Oct) to 10 (dec), it will switch the flow of conversions allowing you to convert the values from 10 (Dec) to 8 (Oct).

This makes it easier to perform multiple conversions within seconds using the base converter. However, you can only execute a single conversion at once. This makes the ‘Reset' button useful when you have a lot of calculations to perform. It is the quickest means of resetting the calculator when performing new calculations.