EDT Time Now

Eastern Daylight Time Now

The Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is behind the Coordinated Universal Time by 4 hours (UTC-4). It is mostly used in the Caribbean and North America and it is a Daylight Saving time zone. This time zone is a summer time zone and some places will switch to the Eastern Standard Time which is the corresponding standard time zone. Using the converter, you can determine the time difference from Eastern Daylight Time with various countries in the region. Most of the states in the US and other countries in the Eastern Standard Time zone use the Eastern Daylight time for a portion of the year.

The observance of the Daylight saving time causes the switch which in turn affects how the countries involved conducting their routines at different times of the year. It is important to understand how the daylight saving time operates to distinguish between EDT and EST. The EDT time is used in summer and those who observe the practice will be 4 hours behind the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC-4). The EST is used in the winter and those who observe the daylight saving time will be 5 hours behind the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC-5). They will be part of the Eastern Standard Time when they go back to one hour.