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Japan Time Now

Japan Time Now

Japan Standard Time is considered to be 9 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 9). Unlike other countries, Japan does not observe the Daylight-Saving Time despite the several debates that have transpired over time. Tokyo Standard Time was the official name given to this time zone during World War II.

Japan Standard Time is similar to Yakutsk Time, Korean Standard Time and Indonesian Eastern Standard Time. Each local region in Japan used to have their own time zone before the Meiji era. One zone for Japan is contained in the IANA time zone database in the file zone.tab that was later named Asia/Tokyo.

Since 1951, Japan has never observed the DST and its unpopularity was brought about by many complaints regarding longer daytime labor and sleep disruption. Other workers had to work more than 24 hours which made Japan abandon the practice in 1952.

The Fiscal policy and Council on Economic of the Cabinet Office is expected to make a proposal about the observation of Daylight Saving Time by the Japanese Government. This action is an attempt to help deal with global warming in the region. The efforts to reintroduce DST in Japan have proved to be unsuccessful and it is not clear that it would help conserve energy in the country.