Philippines Time Now

Philippines/Manila Time Now

Philippines Time (PHT) is 8 hours ahead of the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC +8) during the Standard Time. Unlike other countries, it does not observe the Daylight Saving Time (DST) and thus uses the same UTC offset throughout the year.

The time zone identifier for Philippines that is used by IANA is referred to as Asia/Manila. You can always use the time zone converter to determine the time difference between your country and Philippines. It is also useful whenever you are traveling across borders since it gives you an insight of the difference in time zones.

The Sunrise in Manila, Philippines starts at 05:37 and sets at 18:29. The day length is 12 hours and 52 minutes with the solar noon appearing at 12:03. The current local time in Manila, Philippines is ahead of the apparent solar time by 3 minutes.

The time now in the Philippines is a reliable tool for traveling, researching or calling. It provides accurate time services as well as accurate synchronized time in the Philippines. Although this county does not use the DST, it was operational for a short period as an emergency measure. It was known as Philippine Saving Time, abbreviated as PHST. It was defined in the metric system and instituted by Batas Pambansa.