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Pakistan Time Now

Pakistan Time Now

Pakistan uses the Pakistan Standard Time, abbreviated as PKT. It is 5 hours ahead of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +05:00). There is no daylight saving time in this country because it does not observe the DST.

Instead, it uses the same UTC offset throughout the year. The time zone identifier for Pakistan that is described in the IANA database is known as Asia/ Karachi. The time zone converter will be useful in determining the difference in time zone between Pakistan and your country of origin. You can also use it to look for the time difference in other regions.

Pakistan is one hour behind Dubai, two hours behind Istanbul and Moscow, three hours behind Paris, four hours behind London, nine hours behind New York and 12 hours behind Los Angeles. The Pakistan Standard Time (PKT) is measured in Shakargarh close to the village of Inayat Pur.

The PKT used to be called the Karachi Time (KART) and had been adjusted by 30 minutes off UTC (+05:30), introduced in West Pakistan. The Dacca Time (DACT) was adjusted by adding 30 minutes on UTC (+06:00), introduced in East Pakistan. They were later changed in 1951 to adopt the normal UTC offset of (+05:00).