kWh to BTU conversion

kWh to BTU conversion

Result in BTU: BTU(IT)

Kilowatt hours to BTU conversion

It is used to convert the energy in Kilowatt-hours (kWh) to the energy in BTU. It has one text field which requires you to enter the power in Kilowatt-hours. The two control buttons are useful in the calculator, and they were programmed to execute different actions. The ‘Convert' button is used to complete the conversion process once the value in kilowatt-hours has been entered in the open text field. The ‘Reset' button is used to erase all data from previous calculations. The calculator is convenient because it offers speed and accuracy when performing the conversions.

Formula of calculating Kilowatt-hours to BTU

E (BTU) = 3412.14163312794 x E (kWh), which means that the energy in BTU is computed by multiplying the energy in kilowatt-hours by 3412.14163312794.

It can also be expressed as;

1 kWh = 3412.14163312794 BTU (IT)

For example;
If the energy in kilowatt-hours is 2000 (kWh), what is the energy in BTU?

E (BTU) = 3412.14163312794 x E (kWh)

= 2000 kWh x 3412.14163312794 = 6824283.2832 BTU (IT)

Example 2
If the energy in kilowatt-hours is 234 (kWh), find the energy in BTU.

E (BTU) = 3412.14163312794 x E (kWh)

= 3412.14163312794 x 234 kWh = 246883.06951 BTU (IT).

This converter is programmed to calculate single values at a time. If you wish to convert multiple values, the ‘Reset' button will be useful in erasing all the text fields to create space for more calculations. Speed and accuracy are the features which have enhanced the time taken to get the results of energy in BTU. The input will always determine the accuracy of the results. The kilowatt hours to BTU calculator is readily available which means you can use it at any time and is also convenient as it performs conversions with a single click.