Lux to Footcandles Calculator

Lux To Footcandles Conversion Calculator

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Lux to Footcandles calculator

It is a conversion calculator that is used to convert the illuminance in lux (lx) to footcandles (fc). It comprises of a single text field and to controls that operate independent functions of the calculator. It uses a simple program to perform the conversions and gives accurate results depending on the values of the input. The first step is to enter the value of illuminance in lux.

Afterwards, click on the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the conversion. If you want to perform new calculations, you will click on the ‘Reset’ button. It is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the text fields. The illuminance result in footcandles will be displayed in the bottom platform of the calculator below the two controls.

For example;

If the illuminance in lux is 2400 (lx), determine the illuminance in footcandles.

When using the calculator, you will enter 2000 in the blank text field as the illuminance in lux. Click the ‘Convert’ button to perform the conversion. The illuminance result in footcandles will be;

= 222.967296 footcandles (fc).

You can always repeat the same procedure if you have new values in lux that have to be converted to illuminance in footcandles. This calculator uses a particular formula to execute the conversions making it effective for performing numerous calculations. However, it can only perform one calculation at a time and therefore it requires coordination of the ‘Convert’ and ‘Reset’ buttons while carrying out the conversions.

Formula of converting lux to footcandles

Ev (fc) = Ev (lx) x 0.09290304 = Ev (lx) / 10.76391. It means that the illuminance in footcandles is calculated by multiplying 0.09290304 by the illuminance in lux.

The illuminance in footcandles can also be calculated by dividing the illuminance in lux by 10.76391. This calculator can only perform conversions from lux to footcandles and not the reverse. It is an effective converter that delivers accurate results based on the values entered in the text field.