Volts to Gigavolts Conversion

Volts to gigavolts conversion

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Volts to Gigavolts Conversion

It is voltage conversion calculator that converts Volts (V) to Gigavolts (GV). Volt is defined as the potential difference across a conductor where the current of a single ampere dissipates one watt of power. The SI prefix ‘Giga’ is an exponential notation that represents a factor of 109. The Volts to Gigavolts conversion calculator has been programmed to give accurate results within a single click of a button. It has a blank text field where you enter the voltage in Volts. The ‘Convert’ button will initiate the conversion to Gigavolts and your results will be shown in the bottom platform below the two controls.

For example;

Convert 2000 Volts to Gigavolts


If you are using the calculator, you will first enter the voltage 2000 in the blank text field. Click the ‘Convert’ button to initiate the conversion and the result in Gigavolt will be shown as 0.000002 GV.


2000 V x 10-9

= 0.000002 GV

You can repeat the same procedure using different values. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all previous data from the calculator. It is the fastest way of readjusting the converter every time you want to carry out new conversions.

Formula used in converting Volts to Gigavolts

1 V = 10-9 GV = 0.000000001 GV is the standard principle used in making the conversions from Volts to Gigavolts. Therefore, it implies that one volt is equivalent to 10-9 Gigavolts or 0.000000001 GV. It can also be shown as;

1 GV = 109 GV= 1000000000 V.

V (GV) = V (V) / 109 is the method used by the calculator in performing the conversions. It means that the voltage in Gigavolts is calculated by dividing the voltage in volts by 10 raised to power nine.

The Volts to Gigavolts conversion table can also be used to determine simple conversions on a scale of 0 to 1000000 Volts.