Volts to Microvolts Conversion

Volts to microvolts conversion

Enter voltage in volts: V
Result in microvolts: µV

Volts to Microvolts conversion

It is a voltage conversion calculator used in converting Volts (V) to Microvolts (µV). It has been programmed to give quick and accurate results with a single click of a button. It is also equipped with two active controls; the ‘Convert’ and ‘Reset’ buttons that executes independent functions of the calculator. Volt is the SI derived unit of an electromotive force commonly referred to as voltage. The SI prefix ‘Micro’ represents a factor of 10-6 as an exponential notation. The Volts to Microvolts converter has a blank text field where you enter the voltage in Volts. Clicking the ‘Convert’ button will initiate the conversion to Microvolts.

For example;

Convert 0.02 Volts to Microvolts


The first procedure of using the calculator is to type the voltage in the blank text field. Click the ‘Convert’ button to execute the calculation. The result in Microvolts will be indicated below the two controls as; 20000 µV.


0.02 x 10-6

= 20000 µV

The Volts to Microvolts calculator can only perform one conversion at a time. The ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the converter. If your values are in Microvolts then you will have to use the Microvolts to Volts calculator.

Formula of converting Volts to Microvolts

1 V = 106 µV = 1000000 µV is the standard principle used in the conversion. Therefore, it means that one volt is equivalent to 106 µV or 1000000 µV. It can also be shown as;

1 µV = 10-6 V = 1/1000000 V

V (µV) = V (V) x 1000000 is the method used by the calculator in performing the calculations. It means that the voltage in microvolts is calculated by multiplying the voltage in volts by 1000000.

Using the above example, it will be indicated as;

V (µV) = 0.02 x 1000000

= 20000 µV