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Cup to Teaspoon (How many teaspoons in a cup?)

There are various types of Cups and Teaspoons available during conversions such as US, Canadian and Metric. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a more specific option. A cup is a volume unit that is primarily used to measure liquid, dry and bulk foods. Cups do not have an international standard although customary and metric cups are used in the United States.

The Canadian and Imperial cups were replaced by the metric cups and are not used often. It is abbreviated as "c". A teaspoon is a volume unit commonly used in cooking recipes and prescriptions. It is abbreviated as "tsp." or "ts" and it's a third (1/3) of a tablespoon. Cup (c) and tsp. /teasp. are unit symbols used by international culinary educational institutions and training.


1 Cup [US] = 48 Teaspoons [US]

1 Cup [Metric] = 50 Teaspoons [Metric]

1 Cup [US] = 39.97 Teaspoons [UK]

Cup to Teaspoon

How many cups are in a teaspoon?

To determine the conversion of the number of cups available in one teaspoon, the first step is to find out the standard of the unit to be converted. For example, if you want to convert a quarter of a cup to teaspoons, we multiply the cup value by the conversion factor. i.e. (1/4) * 48 = 12 teaspoons.

Cup [US] to teaspoon [metric]

A single teaspoon [metric] contains 0.021133764099325 cup [US]. It can be expressed as;

1tsp (metric) = 0.021133764099325c (US)

Cup [metric] to teaspoon [metric]

One teaspoon [metric] contains 0.02 cups [metric]. It can be expressed as;

1tsp (metric) = 0.02 c (metric)

Cup [Canada] to Teaspoon [metric]

One teaspoon [metric] is equivalent to 0.021996924829909 cups [Canada], expressed as;

1tsp [metric] = 0.021996924829909 [Canada]

Cup [US] to Teaspoon [UK]

One teaspoon [UK] is equivalent to 0.015011874005359 cups [US], expressed as;

1tsp [UK] = 0.015011874005359 [US]

One US teaspoon is about 1/6 of fluid ounces or equivalent to 5ml. The conversion calculators are available for metric, Imperial, US Customary and many others used in cooking recipes. They are either measured in Volume, weight or quantity and not between each other. It is not possible to convert a weight cooking unit to a volume unit unless you are aware of the density of that ingredient. E.g. grams to cup, teaspoon etc. Apart from these two. Other commonly used cooking units are the tablespoon, ounce, liter, quart, ml, and the pint. The answer you get depends on the standard of conversion, e.g. US to Metric, Metric to Metric, Metric to US etc.