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Tablespoon to Cup (How many cups in a tablespoon?)

A tablespoon is a volume unit that is mostly used when preparing recipes while a cup is a volume unit that is often used to measure liquid, dry and bulk foods. The United States Customary and metric cups are used since there are no international standards for cups. The Canadian and traditional imperial [UK] were replaced by the metric cups (250 ml.) and are used scarcely today.


1 tablespoon [US] = 0.0625 (1/16) Cup [US]

1 tablespoon [UK] = 0.07103 Cup [Metric]

If you want to determine the number of cups available in tablespoons, you will multiply the value by the conversion factor. A tablespoon is a half (1/2) fluid ounce and a fluid ounce is equivalent to 1/8 of a cup. Therefore, there are 1/16 (0.0625) cups in a tablespoon.

It can be expressed as;

½ x 1/8 = 1/16 cups in a tablespoon

For example,

Determine the number of cups in 8 tablespoons.


You will multiply the value of the tablespoon by the conversion factor;

8 tablespoons x 1/16 (cups in 1 tbsp.)

= ½ cups in 8 tablespoons

Tablespoons to Cups

How many cups are in a tablespoon?

The results you get when converting tablespoon to the cup will vary depending on the standard used in the conversion. One tablespoon [US] is equivalent to 0.0625 cups [US].

For example, if you want to convert ¼ tablespoon [US] to cups [US], you will multiply the value by the conversion factor. In this case, our conversion factor is 0.0625. This can be shown as;

= ¼ x 0.0625

= 0.015625 cups [US]

When converting tablespoon [UK] to cup [Metric], the calculation will be;

1 tablespoon [UK] = 0.07103 Cup [Metric]

= ¼ x 0.07103

= 0.0177575 Cup [Metric]

The tablespoon to cup conversion calculator is equipped with straightforward controls and blank text fields where you enter the values to be converted. You will be able to get accurate results in less time.

Using the tablespoon to cup conversion table, you can also determine the conversions from tablespoon to cup. The fact that all the results are displayed on the table makes it quick and reliable. However, it runs on a scale and not all values might be available in the conversion table.

Tablespoon to cup converter offers simplicity and you can always get the conversion results in a single click. Using larger values in your conversion may involve a lot of paperwork and can be time-consuming.