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Teaspoon to Cup (How many cups in a teaspoon?)

There are two units of measurement involved in the conversion of the teaspoon to cup. A teaspoon is a volume unit that is often used in prescriptions and cooking recipes. It is abbreviated as "tsp" or "ts". The primary reason why it is abbreviated in small letters is to avoid being mistaken for a larger unit i.e. a tablespoon. One US teaspoon is equivalent to 1/6 of fluid ounces and 5 milliliters. A cup is a volume unit that is used to measure liquid, dry and bulk foods. The conversion result depends on the standard used in the conversion.


To determine the number of cups that are in a teaspoon, we multiply the value by the conversion factors.

 The standards used in the conversion will be expressed as;

1 Teaspoon [US] = 0.02083333 (1/48) cup [US]

1 Teaspoon [UK] = 0.023677552 Cup [Metric]

You can also multiply the unit equivalent of teaspoon and cup with the base unit factor of volume cubic meter. The base unit factor of volume cubic meter for the teaspoon is 4.928922 × 10 -6 m³, while the Cup [US] is 2.365882 × 10 -4 m³. Therefore, the calculation in the US standard is shown as;

1 Teaspoon = 4.928922 x 10-6 m³

1 Cup = 2.365882 x 10-4 m³

1 Cup = 0.0002365882 m³

1 m³ = (1/0.0002365882) Cup

1 m³ = 4226.753489819 Cup

1 Teaspoon = 4.928922 x 10-6 x 4226.753489819 Cup

1 Teaspoon = 0.020833338264546 Cup

How many cups are in a teaspoon?

The first procedure of determining the number of cups that are in a teaspoon is to specify the standard of conversion. For the US teaspoon, one teaspoon is equal to 0.02083333 Cup or expressed as a fraction (1/48). The UK teaspoon is equivalent to 0.023677552 Cup [Metric]. You will follow the same procedure when calculating the number of cups that are in teaspoons. However, they have different conversion factors that give different results of conversion in cups.

For quick reference, you can find the common values of the teaspoon to cup in the volume conversion tables. The Teaspoon to Cup conversion calculator used when calculating larger values. First, enter the value of teaspoon in the blank text field and then click the ‘Convert' button to initiate the calculation. The result in cups is displayed immediately at the bottom platform of the converter. You can always use the ‘Reset' button to readjust the calculator when you have new values in the teaspoon.