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Ounce to Teaspoon (How many teaspoons in an ounce?)

The fluid ounce is the unit volume for measuring liquid substances in the US and other countries that practice its Customary System. A teaspoon is a volume unit that is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicines and other areas.


1 Fluid ounce [US] = 6 Teaspoons [US]

1 Fluid ounce [UK] = 4.8 Teaspoons [UK]

To determine the number of teaspoons in ounces, we multiply the value by the conversion factor. You can also use the calculator if you want to convert between fluid Ounces [US] and teaspoon. One US teaspoon is equivalent to 1/6 fluid ounces or 5 milliliters.

Ounces to Teaspoons

How many teaspoons are in one ounce?

Conversion of Ounce to teaspoon involves two volume units that are used to measure fluids and dry substances. First, it is essential to be specific in your standard options when performing the conversions.

The change of one fluid ounce [US] is equivalent to 6 teaspoons [US]. The unit symbols "oz." and "tsp" are used by international culinary educational institutions and training as units of measurements.


Convert ¼ fluid ounces [US] to teaspoon [US]


To determine the conversion result, you will multiply the new value in fluid ounces by the conversion factor. In this calculation, our conversion factor is 6.

If 1 Fluid ounce [US] = 6 Teaspoons [US]

¼ fluid ounces =?

= ¼ x 6

= 1.5 teaspoons

The results of the conversion will differ when using a different standard from the US customary system. For instance, if you want to convert ¼ fluid ounces to teaspoons [UK], you will use a different conversion factor.


Convert ¼ fluid ounces [UK] to teaspoon [UK]


If 1 Fluid ounce [UK] = 4.8 Teaspoons [UK]

¼ fluid ounces =?

= ¼ x 4.8

= 1.2 teaspoons [UK]

The teaspoon to ounce conversion calculator is programmed with simple controls and a text field where you enter the values to be converted. It helps you get accurate results in less time.

You can also determine the conversion result from Ounce to teaspoon using the Ounce to teaspoon conversion table. It is also quick and reliable the fact that all the results are displayed on the table. However, it runs on a scale and not all values might be available in the conversion table.

Since working out larger values manually might involve a lot of paperwork, the Ounce to teaspoon converter offers simplicity and you can always get the conversion results in a single click.