Exponents Calculator

Exponents Calculator


Exponents calculator

It is used to determine the values with an exponent and uses particular rules in performing the calculations. This calculator has two text fields where you will enter the base and exponent respectively. It also has active controls that perform independent functions. The ‘Calculate’ button is used to perform the calculations while the ‘Reset’ button is used to erase all data of the previous calculations from the text fields. The results will be displayed below the two controls. You can also follow up the method used by the calculator in performing the conversion.

For example;

Calculate 25

You will enter 2 as the base number and 5 as the exponent in their respective text fields.

The result will be; 32

2⁵ = 2×2×2×2×2 = 32


The exponents calculator uses a particular formula in executing the conversions.

An = a x a x … x a, which means that the base (a) is raised to power n and is equivalent to multiplication of a, n times.

Multiplication of exponents
There are specific rules that have to be followed when multiplying the exponent values.

An. am = an + m, for example; 34.35 = 3 (4 + 5) = 39 = 19683

The exponents can be similar with different bases. An.bn = (a.b) n

For example; 23.43 = (2.4)3 = 83 = 512

Power of an exponent
(An) m = an.m , for example; (34)5 = 3 (4.5) = 320 =3486784401

Zero exponents

Any number that is raised to the power of zero is equal to one.

A 0 = 1 for example; 5 0 = 1

Division of exponents
The values of exponents are usually subtracted in division.

An / am = an-m. For example; 36 / 34 = 36-4 = 32 =9

You can always repeat the same procedure with other values when performing new calculations.

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