Hex to ASCII Text Converter

It is a conversion calculator that can be used to convert the hexadecimal to American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII). You can type or paste the ASCII text in the blank text field provided in the converter.

The information exchange between computers considers a 7-bit character code for the ASCII text. The Hexadecimal characters should be arranged in pairs. The hex codes that are not mapping to any ASCII character that is valid will appear as a dot ‘.' A mnemonic in pointy brackets will be shown if the hex codes map to ASCII characters that are valid but non-displayable. E.g. .

For example;

Convert DD 24 4B 6E to ASCII text.


The first procedure is to enter the value DD 24 4B 6E in the blank text field provided in the converter. Click the ‘Convert' button to initiate the calculation. The results will be displayed as;

ASCII text: Ý4Kn

You can always repeat the same procedure if you have new values that need to be converted to ASCII text. This calculator uses a simple formula in executing the conversions. It also has three active controls that perform different functions. The ‘Convert' button executes the conversion and your results will be displayed on the bottom panel of the calculator below the two controls.

If you want to carry out new calculations, you will use the ‘Reset' button. It is used to erase all data from the previous calculations in the converter to give new space for other conversions. If you have the ASCII text and would want to determine the hex output, you will use the ‘Swap' button. It is used to alternate the flow of calculations allowing you to convert the ASCII text to Hexadecimal. The Hex to ASCII text converter can only execute a single conversion at a time.