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PPB to PPM Converter

This is a conversion calculator that is used to convert the numbers in parts-per-billion (PPB) to parts-per-million (PPM). It comes with a blank text field where you enter the value to be converted toparts-per-billion. Press the ‘Convert button to initiate the conversion from PPB to PPM. The conversion result is displayed below the control buttons in parts-per-million. Use the ‘Reset’ button when carrying out new conversions. It erases all data of the previous conversions from the calculator with a single click.


Convert 200 PPB to PPM


First, enter the value in parts-per-billion (200) in the blank text field. Press the ‘Convert’ button to execute the conversion. This gives you the conversion result as;

= 0.2 parts-per-million (PPM)

This means that there are 0.2 parts-per-million in 200 parts-per-billion.

The PPB to PPM converter gives quick and accurate results based on the values you enter in the blank text field.

Use the ‘Reset’ button when converting new values in PPB to get the corresponding results in PPM.

How to convert PPB to PPM?

1ppm = 1/106 = 10-6

1ppb = 1/109 = 10-9


1 parts- per million = 1000 parts-per billion

X (PPM) = X (PPB) / 1000

This means that the number of parts-per million is calculated by dividing the number of parts-per billion by 1000.

How many PPM in a PPB?

The conversion factor of parts-per billion to parts-per million is 0.001.

1 PPB = 0.001 PPM

Therefore, there are 0.001parts-per million in one parts-per billion.

If you want to determine the number of PPM in one parts-per-billion, simply multiply the number in parts-per-billion by the conversion factor.

For example; How many PPM in 6800 PPB?

Solution; multiply this value (6800) by the conversion factor (0.001)

= 6800 X 0.001

= 6.8 parts-per million in 6800 parts-per billion.