JPG to PDF converter

JPG to PDF image converter

  1. Press Open JPG image button to load JPG image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to PDF button to save PDF to local disk.
  3. Select PDF printer and press the Save button.

JPG to PDF Converter

It is a converter that is used to convert JPG files to PDF format. The compression to JPG is usually accompanied by loss of data in the original file size. Their small compressed sizes make them suitable for websites and emails. The full details of the initial images can never be recovered due to their lossy nature. The advent of digital camera memory cards has made the JPF file format more popular. It is a great file format with bigger advantages in terms of size. It is capable of compressing files to 1/10 of the original file size and saves on your total bandwidth in terms of space.

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the file format that presents and exchanges documents reliably and is independent of any operating system, software or hardware. It was invented by Adobe and is now an open standard which is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It captures all the elements of a printed document to resemble an electronic image. This file format makes it easier to view, navigate, print or send it to a third party. It was introduced to make sharing of documents easier of documents easier between computers and across operating system platforms.

How to easily convert JPG to PDF

Click on "Open JPG image" icon to start converting your JPG image file to PDF format.

Select the image (JPG, JPEG) file for converting to PDF.

This imaging tool will automatically convert the JPG file format to PDF.

Press "Save to JPG" icon to save the file and the new image format (PDF) will be downloaded to your local hard drive. You can also check it on the download history in your web browser.

In a situation where the download process is taking longer than usual, cancel the process and submit the file again.