PNG to GIF converter

PNG to GIF Image Conversion

  1. Press Open PNG image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to GIF button to save image to local disk.

PNG to GIF Converter

It is a conversion tool that is used to convert the image files from PNG to GIF formats. PNG is a format that is used to store bitmapped or raster images on computers. It was initially designed to replace the GIF file format after its founders demanded royalties. There are prevalent similarities between the PNG and GIF files as they both use lossless compression and indexed colors. Unlike the GIF image, PNG cannot be animated without the copyright restraints from the GIF founders.

The use of GIF has been greatly influenced by the growth of the internet in the recent years. GIF is a type of bitmap image and supports up to 8 bits per pixel. It also gives an image the ability to contain 256 colors that are distinct from each other. All these colors are selected from the 24-bit RGB color space. The GIF supports animations that may not be compatible with the PNG. A few examples of the GIF format are a logo or other sharp-edged line art. Unlike the JPG, it uses the lossless data compression technique which has the ability to minimize the file size without impacting the quality of the image.

How to use the PNG to GIF converter

The first procedure of using the converter is to select the PNG file from your computer by clicking "Open PNG Image" icon.

This imaging tool will automatically convert the PNG file format to GIF format.

To save the file, press ‘Save to JPG' icon and the new image format (PNG) will be downloaded to your local hard drive.

If you find the upload process is less responsive or is taking too long, you can cancel and submit the file again. If the file source is a URL, ensure you have entered a complete and valid URL to your file.