JPG to PNG converter

JPG to PNG image converter

  1. Press Open JPG image button to load image from local disk.
  2. Press Save to PNG button to save image to local disk.

JPG to PNG Converter

It is a color conversion tool used to convert JPG or JPEG files to PNG file formats. The JPG file formats lose some of the original data during the process of compression. The fact that they have ‘lossy' properties means that the full details of the original file can never be recovered.  Their compressed sizes make them suitable for use when sending emails or in websites. The file extension for JPG is .jpg, .jpeg, or jpe. The JPG is highly capable of compressing files to 1/10 of the original file size. It makes it a great file format because it saves on your total bandwidth. They are often used in digital camera memory cards.

The PNG is a format for storing bitmapped images (raster) on computers. It was formally designed with the aim of replacing GIF file format since the founders of GIF started demanding royalties. The fact that it uses lossless compression and indexed colors make PNG almost similar to GIF. However, it cannot be animated without those copyright limitations like a GIF image. The file extension for the PNG is .png while the

How to use the JPG to PNG converter

The initial step is to choose the JPG file from your computer by clicking "Open JPG Image" icon.

This imaging tool will automatically convert the JPG or JPEG file format to PNG format.

Press ‘Save to JPG' icon to save the file, and the new image format (PNG) will be downloaded to your local hard drive.

If you find the upload process is taking too long or less responsive, try to cancel and submit the file again. If the file source is a URL, ensure you have entered a complete and valid URL to your file. Some of the programs associated with the PNG file include Corel Paint Shop Pro, Safari, Apple Preview, GNU Image Manipulation Program (LINUX) and Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery viewer programs.