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Kilowatt Hour to Watts Conversion Calculator

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It is a conversion calculator which converts the energy from Kilowatt-hours and time in hours to Power in watts. It has two text fields which require you to enter the power in kilowatt-hours and the time in hours respectively. Below the text fields are the Calculate and Reset buttons which perform different functions.

The Calculate button is used to execute the conversion in a single click. The calculator is fast in its operations and only requires you to enter the right units in the appropriate cells. It is always difficult for an individual to perform calculations manually especially when they are many. The converter reduces the tedious paperwork and saves time when converting kWh to Watts.

The Reset button erases everything in the above text fields to allow space for more calculations. It is faster that deleting the previous calculations manually. For example, if you have the energy in Kilowatt-hours as 70kWh, and 12 hours, clicking on the Calculate button gives you the power results as 5833.33 Watts.

The procedure is simple and only involves entering the figures and tapping the Calculate button. Always ensure that you fill all the text fields before initiating the conversions. Filling in the energy in kilowatt-hours without indicating the time in hours gives the power in results in watts as infinity. Therefore, it means that for the calculator to perform the conversions, the units should be specified in the appropriate cells.

The Reset button will clear the previous calculations if you need to perform a new conversion. There is a formula which the calculator uses in converting Kilowatts-hours (kW) to watts (W).

Calculation of kWh to Watts
P (W) = 1000 x E (kWh) /t (hr.), which means that the power in watts is calculated by multiplying 1000 by the energy in kilowatts and dividing the results by the time in hours.

It can also be written as;
Watt = Kilowatt-hour / hour or W = 1000 x kWh/h

If the energy consumption is 18 Kilowatt-hour and the duration is 1 hour, the calculation will be;
P = 1000 x 18 kWh / 1h = 18000 Watts (W)

All these calculations can be done immediately upon clicking the calculate button. It has been programmed to work efficiently in delivering accurate calculations within the shortest time possible. It is also important to know that Kilowatt-hour cannot be converted directly to watts because they are different quantities. Therefore, the time in hours has to be included to make the conversion accurate.

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