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VA to kilowatt-hours Calculator

It is used to convert the apparent power in volt-amps (VA) to kilowatts (kW). Volt-amps cannot be converted directly to kilowatts. It is because they are two different units and thus you need to enter the power factor for the conversion to be initiated. There are two text fields in the VA to kW calculator. You need to first enter the apparent power in volt-amps then the power factor. Once all the cells are filled with their appropriate values, click on the ‘Calculate' button which performs the conversion. The results in Kilowatts are displayed on the bottom staging.

The reset button can always be used to erase all the text fields to create space for new calculations. It is the easiest way of expunging the previous calculations without deleting them manually from their cells.

Calculating the Volt-amps to Kilowatts

P (kW) = S (VA) x PF / 1000, which means that the real power in Kilowatts is computed by multiplying the apparent power in volt-amps by the power factor. The result is then divided by 1000.

For example,
If the apparent power in volt-amps is 20 VA and the power factor is 2, what will be the results in Kilowatts?

P (kW) = S (VA) x PF / 1000

P (kW) = 20 x 2 / 1000 = 0.4

Answer = 0.4 Kilowatts (kW)

You can always perform other calculations by using the ‘Reset' button which makes all text fields clear. The volt amps to Kilowatts calculator delivers accurate results with a single click of the ‘Calculate' button. It can be used to perform several calculations within a short period. However, you can only initiate one conversion at a time. The reason is that it cannot give several results all at once. The ‘calculate' and ‘reset' button are valid, and they execute the required actions with a single click.

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