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VA to Watts Calculator

It is used to convert the apparent power in volt amps (VA) to the real power in watts (W). Since they are two different units, they cannot be converted directly, and hence the power factor is used when calculating volt amps to watts.

It is always important to fill in all the text fields for the conversion to be successful. The first text field requires you to enter the apparent power in volt amps, and then the power factor.

After the appropriate values are filled in their respective cells, you can use the ‘Calculate' button to execute the calculation. The real power in watts results will be displayed on the bottom platform (W).

Calculation of Volt amps to Watts

The formula used in the conversion is; P (W) = S (VA) x PF

It means that the real power in watts is calculated by multiplying the apparent power in volt amps by the power factor.

For Example,
If the apparent power in volt amps is 14 VA and the power factor is 0.8, what is the real power in watts?

P (W) = S (VA) x PF

P (W) = 14 x 0.8 = 11.2

Answer = 11.2 Watts (W)

The volt amps to watts calculator can only be used to execute a single conversion at a time. The ‘Calculate' and ‘Reset' buttons are useful, and they perform different functions during the calculations. The previous calculations can be erased quickly using the ‘Reset' button. The coordination of the two switches allows you to perform several calculations within a short period.

The Volt amps and Watts are two different units and cannot be converted directly without including the power factor. This calculator is only meant to convert the volt amps to watts and therefore alternating the values may give you wrong results. The output will depend on the right values entered in the respective text fields.

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