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Percentage Calculator

The percentage calculator is used to find the percentages of multiple values. It is simple to use and more flexible as it provides a step by step layout of evaluating the calculations. This calculator has six partitions used to carry out different computations depending on the alignment of the equations. The first partition executes the calculation automatically once you key in the figures. It gives you a straightforward answer according to the input. The percentage calculator gives various ways of performing calculations. Each partition of the calculator is used to compute the figures depending on the alignment of the calculation.

Confirm that you have entered the appropriate values in the text fields before clicking the ‘Calculate’ button. The percentage calculator will only give you accurate results if you entered the figures correctly. It can also help you to determine the percentage change in values. You can also determine the value of a percentage in form of their fractions or decimals. The first procedure is to enter the figure in the first text field of the bottom partition of the percentage calculator. Click on the equal sign to give you the results in fraction and decimals.

Calculating the percentages

Example 1;
What is 30% of $80?

You will multiply 30% by $80

=30% x $80 = (30/100) x $80 = 0.3 x $80 = 24

Answer = 24.

Example 2;
25% is what percent of $70?

You will divide 25% by $70

= (25%/$70) x 100% = 35.71429

Calculating the whole value

$145 is 45% of what?

You will divide $145 by 45%

= $145 / 45% = (145/45) x 100 = 322.2222

Calculating the percentage change

Find the percentage change from $70 to $80

You will first find the difference between 80 and 70 then divide it by 70. The result will then be multiplied by 100%

[(80 - 70) / 70] x 100% = 14.28571%

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