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VAT Calculator

The VAT calculator is used to determine the Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services provided in different countries. It utilizes a simple procedure that makes its operations easier. It is a calculator that is fast, reliable and gives accurate results based on the values entered in the text fields. It has the ‘+Add VAT’ and ‘-Subtract VAT’ which performs different functions of the calculator.

The first step is to choose the country in which you would like to determine the VAT amount. Enter the initial amount in the second text field. The rate of value added tax is computed automatically depending on the country selected. For example, Australia = 10%, Belgium = 21%, France = 19.6%, Germany = 19% etc. Confirm that the values are entered correctly before clicking on the ‘Add VAT’ to add the amount of value added tax on the initial amount. The ‘Subtract VAT’ is used to determine the subtracted VAT amount. They both give different values depending on the type of calculation you want to perform.

Your values will be presented below the two controls. This calculator gives the net amount, VAT amount and Gross Amount. It is important to choose your country before beginning the calculations because they all have varied rates of VAT.

For example;
If the initial amount of goods and services provided in Germany is €1000, what is the VAT amount?

You will begin by choosing Germany in the options provided on the first platform of the calculator. Enter 1000 in the second text field and then click on the ‘+Add VAT’ button to execute the conversion.

Your results will be displayed as;

Net amount = €1000

VAT amount = €190

Rate of VAT = €1190

The computations will be different when you click on the ‘Subtract VAT’ button. They will be displayed as;

Net amount = €840.34

VAT amount =€159.66

Rate of VAT = €1000.00

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