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Percentage Increase/ Decrease Calculator

This calculator is used to determine the increase or decrease of the original and new values in percentages. It has two working areas. The first part of the calculator will determine whether there has been a percentage increase or decrease depending on the values entered in the text fields. It also displays the calculation in the bottom platform of the calculator. The ‘Calculate’ and ‘Reset’ buttons perform different functions of the calculator.

The first procedure is to enter the initial amount and final amount (new value) in the respective text fields. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to execute the calculation. The result that will be displayed indicates whether there was a percentage increase or decrease in the values.

The second part of the calculator is used to find the absolute difference. It uses the initial amount and the percentage increase or decrease to find the absolute difference in the values. It also has the ‘Calculate’ and ‘Reset’ buttons which are the essential controls of the calculator. The results will be displayed below the two buttons giving you the absolute difference, final amount and the calculation.

Formula of calculating the percentage increase/decrease

Percentage Increase/decrease = (V new – V old) / V old x 100%, where the percentage increase or decrease from the old to the new value is calculated by; the difference between the old and new values which is then divided by the old figure. The result is multiplied by 100%.

For example;
If the old and new values are $700 and $1000 respectively, find the percentage increase.

(1000-700) / 700 x 100%

=300/700 x 100%

=0.428 x 100%

= 42.857 %

Calculating the difference and final value
D = V0 x p / 100, which means that the difference is computed by multiplying the initial value by the percentage increase/decrease then the result is divided by 100.

V1 = Vo + d, where the final value is calculated by adding the initial value to the difference.

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