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It is a conversion calculator which converts the current in amps to volts. It has two buttons which execute different functions during the calculation. The ‘Calculate' button is useful in performing the conversions with a single click. The ‘Reset Button' is helpful for erasing the data in all text fields.

The first cell requires you to select the type of calculation. You may want to change amps and watts to get the result in volts. It also gives you an option of changing amps and ohms to volts. The required text fields are two where you will enter the units in amps and the units in watts or ohms.

For example, if you have 200 Amps (A) and 150 Ohms (Ω), you will select amps to volts with ohms as your calculation type. Enter them correctly in the required text fields. Afterward, you can click on the Calculate button which gives the results in volts as 30000 (V).

In a situation where you have 100 Amps (A) and 240 Watts (W), you will start by selecting the calculation type as amps to volts with watts. Enter them respectively in their required cells before clicking on the Calculate button. It will give you the results in Volts as 2.4 (V)

The Reset button can be used in a situation where you need to perform another conversion using the same type of calculation. It reduces the time necessary to delete the data manually.

The Amps to Volts calculator follows a particular formula to execute the conversions.

Calculation of Amps to Volts
V (V) = P (W) / I (A), which means that the voltage in Volts (V) is calculated by dividing the power in watts (W) by the current in Amps (A)

V (V) = I (A) x R (Ω), which means that the voltage in volts (V) is calculated by multiplying the current in amps with the Resistance in Ohms (Ω).

This online calculator was designed with a program that can execute any conversions related to amps and watts or ohms being converted to volts. It is accurate and gives the exact information according to the input. Always remember to select the calculation type since Ohms and Watts are entirely different.

Choosing the type of calculation makes the Amps text field to be constant while the second cell will always switch between Watts and Ohms depending on your choice. The Amps to Volts calculator is fast in its operations with the efficiency of ‘Calculate' and ‘Reset' buttons.

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