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Electron Volts to Volts Conversion Calculator

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It is a conversion calculator which converts the energy from electron-volts with the elementary charge to electrical voltage in volts. It has three text fields and an option of selecting the load type of the unit. The first step of using this calculator involves entering the energy units in electron-volts denoted by (eV). It then gives you an option of selecting the charge unit type.

It can either be an elementary charge unit or Coulomb unit. It is always important to consider this step to avoid wrong calculations since the converter gives an output depending on what you had entered in the above fields.

The next text field requires you to enter the elementary charge which is always denoted by (e). Once all the text fields are filled, you can click on the Calculate button which executes the calculations. Below the buttons is a platform which indicates the result in volts, denoted by (V). The results are projected automatically depending on the units entered in the text fields and the charging unit type which has been selected.

For example,

If you have entered the energy in electron-volts as 15 eV, using the elementary charge unit type, and a primary charge of 10e, your result in volts will be 1.5 V. The conversion is faster after clicking the calculate button which gives an accurate information depending on the units filled in the text fields. In a situation where you have Coulomb unit as your charge unit type, with 15 (eV) and 10 (C), then the result in volts will be 2.403264848e-19 V.

There are formulas which the calculator utilizes in performing the calculations;

Calculation of (eV) to Volts with elementary charge
V (V) = E (eV) / Q (e), which means that the voltage in volts is calculated by dividing the electron-volts (eV) by the electric charge (Q) in elementary charge (e).

Calculation of (eV) to Volts with Coulombs
V (V) =1.602176565 x 10 -19 X E (eV) / Q (C), which means that the voltage in volts is calculated by multiplying 1.602176565 x 10 -19 by the energy in electron-volts (eV) dividing the result by the electrical charge of coulomb (C).

All these calculations are done within seconds and are useful in performing a variety of different conversions of electron-volts to electrical voltage in volts. Always remember to select the charge unit type and use the reset button when you are beginning new calculations.

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