Joules to Watts Calculator

Joules to Watts Conversion Calculator

Enter energy in joules: J
Enter time in seconds: s
Power result in watts: W

It is a conversion calculator which converts the energy in joules to electric power in watts. Joules and watts are different quantities and therefore cannot be translated directly. That is why watts are converted from joules and seconds.

This calculator has two text fields, where the first requires you to enter the energy in joules (J) while the next allows you to fill in the time in seconds denoted by (s). The Calculate and Reset button perform different functions depending on the type of action to be executed. Below the buttons is a platform which shows the power results in watts (W).

For example, if you enter the energy in joules as 25 (J), and the time in seconds as 30 (s), then the power result in watts will be 0.8333 W. The procedure is simple, and you can use the reset button if you want to begin new calculations. It erases everything in the text fields to provide space for new conversions. The results are projected automatically bellow the Calculate and Reset buttons.

It is important to fill all the text fields because the energy in joules cannot be converted directly to Watts as they are different in their quantities. The conversion calculator uses the units entered in both cells to perform the calculations.

The calculator uses certain formulas in performing the conversions;

Calculation of Joules to watts
P (W) = E (J) / t (s), which means that the power in watts is calculated by dividing the energy in joules by the time in seconds.
It can also be expressed as; Watt = Joule / second or W =J / s

For example;
If the energy consumption of an electrical circuit is 80 joules and takes 5 seconds, what will be the power consumption?

P (W) = 80 J / 5s = 16 watts

The calculations are simple and only require the units to be entered in their appropriate cells. The output always depends on the energy units in joules and the time in seconds. Always ensure that you fill both text fields otherwise, the conversion becomes impossible as the joules cannot be converted directly to watts without entering the time in seconds. The Reset button is the quickest way of erasing the previous calculations at once when filling in new figures.

It also reduces the duration needed to delete the units manually from the individual text fields. The Joules to Watts calculator has been programmed to perform the conversions within a short period and to provide accurate results.

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